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Clear finishes

Exterior Matt
and Glossy

Asian Paints Aquadur PU Exterior is the ultimate water based shield for wood. It gives you extremely high durability for all you exterior furniture, at the same time, providing a rich finish.

PU for

Asian Paints PU (Polyurethane) is an acrylic based clear coating, which offers excellent weather resistance, light-fastness and UV protection.


Asian Paints Touchwood Exterior is a one-pack economy Polyurethane (PU), which is easy-to-apply (brushable) and enhances the natural look of your exterior wood.

Opaque finishes

PU Palette

PU Palette Interior is a range of colour finishes specially designed for wood along with all the benefits of PU.


Asian paints Premium Semi-Gloss enamel is a water-based, medium-gloss, low VOC enamel. It is fast drying, has low odour and provides high stain resistance combined with non-yellowing properties, thus ensuring that the surfaces look ‘fresh-as-new’ for a long time.

Satin Enamel

Asian Paints Premium Satin Enamel is a solvent based enamel with a finish akin to the gentle, soothing sheen of a satin fabric. It is tough and durable, thus giving a long-lasting, washable finish.


Asian Paints Premium Gloss Enamel is a solvent-based paint that imparts a shiny look to the surfaces that are painted with it. It forms a tough film that is durable and resistant to stains, thus provides long term protection to the painted surface.

Mark your Imagination

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