Tractor Range

Tractor Acrylic Distemper

Tractor Acrylic Distemper is a water-based, interior wall paint. It is India’s most trusted distemper and gives your walls a delightful, attractive, matte finish that lasts for ages from a wide range (500+) of shade offerings.

Tractor Synthetic Distemper

Tractor Synthetic Distemper is the most popular distemper brand in India and gives your walls a finish that is good-looking, time-tested, durable and value for money.

Utsav Range

Utsav Acrylic Distemper

Utsav Acrylic Distemper is a water based bucket distemper that gives a smooth and beautiful finish to the walls and is easy on your pocket. The highly washable distemper takes care of your regular household stains, keeping your walls as good as new for very long and lets you choose from a wide range (500+) of shade offerings.

Utsav Synthetic Distemper

Utsav Sythetic Distemper is a water based pouch distemper that gives a smooth, beautiful, matt finish to the walls at an affordable price. It does not come off on the hands or on clothes like “chuna” thus ensuring bright colourful walls all year long.

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