Crack Seal

Asian Paints SmartCare Crack seal is a single pack fiber-glass reinforced crack filler compound for both interior and exterior surfaces. It comes in a ready to apply white colored paste.

Areas of application

  • Cracks on all interior and exterior absorbent surfaces.
  • Suitable for plaster cracks of up-to 3 mm width.
  • Cracks and gap caused by drying and shrinkage.
  • Cracks near windows and doorframes
  • Can be used as a substitute for crack-bridging elastic tapes and fabric.

Product features & benefits

  • Crack bridging : Strong filling capacity for plaster cracks of up-to 3 mm width.
  • Flexibility :High elongation film that accommodates minor movements.
  • Mechanical Strength : Strong fiberglass-reinforced film does not let cracks reappear
  • Water proofing : Water-resistant film stops water-ingress through cracks
  • Adhesion : Very strong adhesion on all absorbent surfaces..
  • Low shrinkage : Low shrinkage leads to a strong film.
  • Usage : Single-pack ready-to-use and easy-to-apply product.

Recommended Application

Cleaning :

  • Open the cracks and widen the cracks to form a ‘V’ groove.
  • Clean the area thoroughly so that it is free from dust, loose particles etc.


  • Post cleaning; apply primer in the opened cracks.
  • For interior cracks, use Asian paints Deco prime water based primer and for exterior cracks, use Asian paints Exterior Primer (as per regular dilution of 100% with water)

Product Application:

  • Apply first coat of Crack Seal on the crack using spatula or putty knife. Use straight from the bucket without any dilution.
  • Press the paste firmly into the crack and level with the surface.
  • Spread well wide on either side of the crack for better adhesion.
  • Apply in consecutive perpendicular layers to avoid leaving air pockets.
  • Allow it to set for 6-8 hours.
  • Apply the second coat of Crack Seal in the same manner.
  • Further finishing like POP or putty can be taken up once the coat is fully dry.


  • Do not apply for cracks of more than 3 mm width.
  • Do not apply on wet surfaces.
  • Meant for plaster cracks. Do not apply on structural or joint cracks.


Available in 360 gms and 900 gms packs


75 running feet /kg for 2 coats (for cracks of 3 mm depth and width)

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