Damp Block

Asian Paints SmartCare Damp Block is a flexible polymer modified cement based damp-proof coating for interior concrete and masonry surfaces. It is a single pack white colored powder that is easy to apply and offers lasting protection from dampness.

Areas of application

  • Interior walls affected by dampness (Eg. Bathroom / kitchen adjacent walls)
  • Interior walls affected by Paint blistering / paint peel-off due to moisture
  • Interior / Exterior walls affected by efflorescence
  • Interior walls affected by ground rising dampness.
  • Sunken areas of bathrooms
  • Water tanks

Product features & benefits

  • Water Proofing : Protection of up-to 4 bars positive and negative hydrostatic pressure.
  • Nanotechnology :Nano sized particles enters smallest of pores and crevices and effectively blocks water from coming out
  • Breathability : Breathable nature allows moisture to pass and prevents blisters.
  • Crack bridging : Able to bridge hairline cracks.
  • Adhesion : High tensile and excellent bond strength with cementatious substrates.
  • Permeability : Classified as a low permeability coating.
  • Flexibility :High polymer content for improved flexibility that can accommodate minor structural movements
  • Usage : Single pack and easy to apply.

Recommended Application

  • Remove old paint, putty or existing POP using chisel, wire brush.
  • Ensure you reach the cement plaster for the product application.


  • Re-plaster if existing plaster is in very poor condition.
  • Repair the concerned area to stop the source of dampness.

Product Application:

  • Apply a self priming coat of AP SmartCare Damp Block (diluted with water in 1:1 ratio )
  • Apply 2 coats of AP SmartCare Damp Block (diluted with water in 3:1 ratio) using putty knife or trowel. Achieve a forced coverage of 15 sq ft / kg / coat.
  • The system should cover an area well over and wide of the affected area.
  • A gap of 4 hours should be given between coats.
  • Apply putty-primer and suitable top coat.
  • For severely affected areas, apply an additional coat as mentioned above.


  • Apply only on cementatious plaster and not on POP/existing paint.
  • Not designed for application on ceiling affected due to seepage from toilets upstairs. It is recommended to go to the source and apply the product in the sunken areas.
  • Always add powder to water, not reverse to ensure the mixture is free of lumps.
  • Mix only enough mixture that can be consumed within 2 hrs.
  • For best results, arrest the source of water before applying Damp Block.
  • For best results, strictly follow the dilution and forced coverage requirements.


Available in 2 kg, 5 kg and 10 kg packs


15 sq.ft / kg/ coat

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