ICI DULUX 3 in 1 StayClean

  • Stain Resistance and best in class washability.
  • Excellent fungus resistance.
  • Upto 20% extra coverage# compared to a regular emulsion.
  • Beautiful finish for the walls.


How to remove Stains? Stains such as tea, coffee, ketchup, lead pencil, sketch pen, lipstick, fruit juice, hand stains, body grime can be removed with a clean rag/sponge soaked in approximately 5% detergent solution (5 gm of solid detergent in 100ml water). Liquid detergents can be used directly. (It is to be ensured that the detergent does not contain bleaching agents to avoid discoloration of the painted walls)

Wax crayons and writing ink marks can also be removed with detergent solution. However, best results are achieved with a clean rag soaked in white spirit or mineral turpentine oil.

Light waterborne stains of masala powder, curries etc. can be removed with a rag soaked in detergent solution. However, oil borne stains of masala, turmeric and curries may be difficult to remove completely.

  • Stains are easier to remove if the wall surface is smooth
  • Stains are easy to remove when fresh. May not be completely removable after 7 to 10 days
  • After cleaning the stains, wipe with a clean dry cloth while the surface is still wet

Surface Preparation: New concrete / plaster surface should be allowed to mature properly. Ensure surface is clean, dry, free from all loose particles, dust, dirt, grease before application. All surfaces should be thoroughly rubbed down using a suitable abrasive paper and thereafter wiped off. Suitable remedial measures should be taken in case of water seepage / leakage problem. Fungus affected areas need separate treatment.

Priming: Prime surface with a coat of ICI Cement Primer (34-200) or ICI Water Based Cement Primer ( 32-0168) and dry overnight. Use a mixture of 1 part of Dulux 3-in-1 Stayclean with one part of whiting or oil- based putty or ICI Ready Mix Wall Filler (33-500) to rectify and smoothen out the surface. Allow drying for 4-6 hours. Sand the surface with Emery Paper 180. Wipe off loose particles. Apply another coat of primer. Allow drying for 4-6 hours. Sand the surface with Emery paper 380 and wipe clean. Primer Putty Primer is must to get desired effect.

Finishing: Apply two coats of Dulux 3-in-1 Stayclean, thinned with 600 ml. of water for 1 litre of paint. It can be applied by brush and roller and conventional / airless spray. Normally two coats of paint are sufficient for opacity and desired finish. Where a colour change is required, an extra coat of Dulux 3-in-1 Stayclean is recommended. Normally touch dry in 30 minutes and re-coatable after 4 hours.

Thinning: Dilute 1 ltr of Dulux 3-in-1 Stayclean Emulsion with 600 ml clean water. Do not over thin.



  • Store container in upright position, with lid tightly closed, in a cool, dry place.
  • Keep out of reach of children and away from food, drink and animal feed.
  • May be harmful if swallowed. In case of ingestion seek immediate medical attention.
  • Ensure good ventilation at all times.
  • Do not breathe vapour or spray.
  • Avoid inhalation of dust by wearing suitable nose pad during sanding and surface preparation.
  • Wear eye protection during application.
  • In case of contact with eyes, rinse immediately with plenty of water and seek medical advice.
  • Remove splashes from skin with soap and water or a recognised skin cleanser.
  • Do not pour leftover paint down the drain or in water courses.
  • In the event of spills, contain spillage using sand or earth.
  • Safety Data Sheet available for professional user on request.
  • No added Lead, Mercury or Chromium compounds.

# Up to 20% extra coverage when diluted with 50-60% water as per specified application method as compared to DAE

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