Dulux Guardian – Interior Emulsion Paint

  • Dulux Guardian is the first IMSL tested* anti- bacterial paint that helps protect your family against 6 commonly found household bacteria% that cause potential health problems like diarrhea, blood poisoning, lung infections, intestinal infections, etc.
  • Dulux Guardian is compliant to Ecosure standards and has no added lead, mercury or chromium compounds.
  • Dulux Guardian is proven to have lower volatile organic compound level than conventional paints, thus low odour. It is compliant to VOC limits as tested and verified by NABL accredited laboratories.
  • Low VOC also reduces the incidence of health related risks.
  • Dulux Guardian has a unique soft sheen finish designed to give colour a soft and gentle richness and elegance, perfect for all walls and ceilings. The soft sheen also shows lesser surface undulations of the walls making it look beautiful.
  • Dulux Guardian gives up to 25% extra coverage compared to a regular interior emulsion.


Surface Preparation: Dry Sanding, flame cutting or welding of the dry paint film will give rise to dust and hazardous fumes. Wet sanding should be used wherever possible. If exposure cannot be avoided by the provision of local exhaust ventilation, suitable respiratory protective equipment should be used.

New concrete/plaster surface should be allowed to mature and dry out properly. Ensure that the surface is clean, dry and free from all loose particles, dust, dirt, grease, wax etc. beforeapplication. All surfaces should be thoroughly rubbed down using a suitable abrasive paper and thereafter wiped off. Suitable remedial measures should be taken in case of water seepage/leakage problems.

Fungus affected areas need separate treatment.

Priming: Prime surface with a coat of ICI Cement Primer (34-200) or ICI Water Based Cement Primer (32- 0168) and dry overnight.

Use a mixture of 1 part of Dulux Guardian Emulsion with 1 part of whiting or oil based putty or ready- to-use ICI Acrylic wall Putty (33-0600) to rectify and smoothen out the surface. Allow drying for 4-6 hours.

Sand the surface with Emery Paper 180. Wipe off loose particles. Apply another coat of primer. Allow drying for 4-6 hours. Sand the surface with Emery Paper 380 and wipe clean.

Primer Putty Primer is a must to get the desired effect.

Dilution: Dilute 1 litre of paint in 500-600 ml of municipal or potable water.

For dark bases, dilute 1 litre of paint with 400-450 ml of municipal or potable water.

Finishing: Stir thoroughly before use. Apply 2 coats of Dulux Guardian Emulsion with minimum 4 hours interval between the coats. Normally two coats of paint are sufficient for opacity and the desired finish. Additional coat might be required in the case of dark shades. However an extra coat of Dulux Guardian Emulsion is recommended where a change in colour is required.

Touch Dry: 30 minutes

Recoat: 4 hours

Drying time may vary according to temperature and humidity. For instance, drying time will be significantly longer in cool and damp conditions.


  • In the event of spills, contain spillage using sand or earth.
  • If swallowed, seek medical advice immediately.
  • Do not pour left over paint down drains or in watercourses.
  • Keep out of reach of children and away from combustible material, food, drink and animal feed.
  • Avoid contact with skin or eyes.
  • After contact with skin wash immediately with soap and water or a proprietary skin cleanser.
  • Do not use solvent thinners or white spirits.
  • Do not breathe solvent vapour/spray.
  • Use only in well-ventilated areas.
  • Safety Data Sheet available for professional user on request.
  • No added Lead, Mercury or Chromium compounds.
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